17 ways to start a website without actually starting a website.

I have no idea why you would read this.

Buuuut, as you’re here. Welcome. This is gonna be my little digital playground for personal experiments & random banter. However, From time to time I will congest your head with words that have no real meaning. So if you are into the ramblings of a overly caffeinated middle aged Bristolian then be my guest.

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So I got me some real estate on the web…

Turns out it’s cheaper than real life real estate stuff. Pretty cheap to decorate aswell.

Anyway, I just finished the very basic foundation of the site so thought I should write a post. It’s like internal peer pressure. I would imagine its like what having a empty home would be like. Yeah, mull that one over, I feel sorry for the poor site that had stupidly pointless amount of work put into it only to have nothing on it whatsover. Sure the dark emo vibe is making it feel better though… Who picks Black and yellow apart from posoinous anamals ( I DO )…

But seriously, What is going on this site?

It’s 10pm and I’m sat here writing a pointless post because I feel sorry for a empty website (oh yeah, It’s also a saturday night). I have no idea what the future holds but I would assume if i’m not bored by tommorrow I might consider an endevour to continue chatting shit.

I did realise I have no photos or videos taken prior to 2020. So I might get back into Photography and video and start posting more of that jazz soon.

In conclusion, Your likely to come across complete random chatterings from the surreal mind that has occupied my body ( or vice versa ). Geeky stuff about my digital antics working on the web and videos or photos. Although I need to get a camera first or that last one might not happen…

Didn’t you start building sites like 20 years ago?

Yeah, But I never built a personal site. Just business sites… So it’s kinda fun to do whatever. I spent 4 hours making this stupid animation that probably only works on desktop… If you hover over the logo in the top left of the screen it goes whoosh. Totally pointless but fun to play with adobe after effects and lottie files. Also had a go with Rive and Spline and damn they are cool if your into whooshy things.

What do I think of this site so far?

Well, It’s a blank canvas. It will do the job. For the geek people out there I wanted to buyild a site that has lots of animations and still has great SEO and web performance. Google loves the web page speed so far and I’m not really trying to rank this site for search. However if you are interested in SEO I might put out a case study of my next project. That actually gives me an idea… Will ponder that when I have my coffee in the morning and get back to you.

What happens in the future?

WTF.. Bruh, I’m not a psychic. This year I plan to make a few changes, Since I came back to england I havn’t really settled in so maybe it’s not the place for me. We will see. I will document my next adventure for sure. I regret not doing that during my time in indonesia but the memories are gold. Shame my memory sucks… (really need that camera, I guess a blog will do for now).

I am thinking of starting a new business, I have ideas but not in a rush.

Oh I just remembered I had a picture snapped of me when I was in greece. I will leave you will that till next time.